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Do you need help with Temporis? You’ve arrived to the right place! Check out the frequently asked questions and answers about Temporis.

If you were looking for the game rules, you can find them following this link: Temporis Rules.


  • What is Temporis?
  • Temporis is a game for smartphones developed by “Zombies in The Lab” consisting of a timeline where the player has to order sports, historical, artistic, literary and entertainment events.

  • How many players can play simultaneously Temporis?
  • Temporis is a multiplayer game, which means that multiple players can play simultaneously. Temporis games allow 2, 3 or 4 players.

  • How can I change my picture?
  • To change your profile picture please click on the image that appears on the main screen Temporis. If this is the first time you change your image, the default avatar will be a yellow smiley face. If you’ve changed your picture before, there will appear your previous picture. Once you click on it you’ll be taken to your profile page, where pressing the pencil icon will allow you to edit your picture.

  • I can not find my friends… how do I add them to my games?
  • First make sure that your friends have registered Temporis, either through email or through social networks (can register using their Facebook and Twitter). If your friends have already registered in the application but still can not find them, make sure you have written their usernames exactly like the ones they used for registration (Temporis is case sensitive).

  • Where do I place older games in the timeline? And the newer events?
  • The older events should be placed at the top of the timeline, while the newer should be placed in the bottom part of the timeline.

  • I have not place the event and my turn is out. What happened?
  • If you see a message announcing you the end of your turn and you have not placed your event, two things may have happened: your time to place the event (30 seconds) is over or the application has stopped for some reason (you exit the application, you have received a phone call, etc.).

  • What does “finished games not checked” mean?
  • In this section are grouped all the games you were playing and have finished without you could notice the result of the match. Once you have accessed the finished game, it will disappear from this list.

  • How do I change the language of the app?
  • Temporis is currently available in English and Spanish. By default the application is in English, but if your device is set to Spanish, then Temporis will be set automatically in this language. If your device is in any other language, then Temporis will default to English. To change from English to Spanish or Spanish to English, you must change the language of your device in Settings section.

  • Where can I download Temporis rules?
  • You can find Temporis rules in Temporis Rules section.

  • Is Temporis only available for Android
  • Temporis is only available for Android (download Temporis on Google Play Now) at the moment, but Zombies in The Lab team is working to make it available as soon as possible in the App Store and Facebook. You can follow Temporis blog to keep informed of the latest news about Temporis.

  • I have tied to correct answers with another player and yet he has won. Why?
  • The winner in a game of Temporis is decided not only by the number of responses but by the speed of the players. Thus, if there is a tie the winner is the player who has reached five correct answers using less time.

  • I have reached five points and the game is not over yet. Why am I not the winner yet?
  • The first player to reach five correct answers may not necessarily be the winner. The game ends when all players have completed the round, as could be the case that another player also reached the fifth right question in this round. In case of a tie, the player who has used less time wins the match.

  • I would like to add new events to the game. Can I send you some?
  • We are currently working on enabling an event submission form and we hope to have it ready soon. Until then you can send your proposal via email. Thank you!

  • I love Temporis! How could I work with you?
  • :) If you really like Temporis you can help in several ways: sharing the game with your contacts (either via email, Facebook, Twitter, or sharing directly to the download link of the game) and leaving a review on Google Play on your experience with the game. You can also leave us feedback there on the app (what do you think? what would you improve?). Or send us your opinions and suggestions to our email .


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