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Discover Temporis, the time travel adventure app that puts your knowledge to the test. Compete against your friends to be the first one creating correct timelines about history, art, sports, entertainment and literature. Have fun in your journey through the ages!


A new age in Android multiplayer games

Looking for multiplayer apps? Challenge up to 4 friends!

Temporis is an Android multiplayer game that allows you to play against several players simultaneously in the same game (2, 3 or 4 players).

You can also choose to play a quick game against a random user that suits your level.


One of the best learning apps ever!

Temporis is not just an educational game but one of the most addictive learning apps ever. Show your knowledge about sports, movies, history, art, celebrities, discoveries, inventions, books…

Some events may surprise you!


Share your timelines with the world

Check your performance in Temporis stats section and share your achievements in Facebook and Twitter.

Let your friends know who is the greatest travel adventurer of all times!

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